March 18, 2010

The boys in green, ready to dance . . .

Alright, this is the point where I go from aboslutely loving Michigan State basketball to becoming obsessed! We play our first tournament game tomorrow at 7:20 EST. I'll be rushing home from work to head straight to a State bar to watch the boys. I'm a little nervous to see how we'll do, but I'm trusting that Izzo has whipped them into shape for the game. We play New Mexico State, a 12 seed. GO GREEN!

In preparation for "the dance," a little homage to my man Raymar Morgan. I sure am going to miss him next year. He's a senior so this is it for him at MSU. Really enjoyed this article from Detroit News writer Eric Lacy.

An excerpt: 
With possibly one game left in the senior's career, Morgan said Monday he realizes time is running out to leave a mark on the program.

"I think everybody just has to look themselves in the mirror at one point in time and just has to accept if they like the man that they're looking at," Morgan said. "I've done that. I've finally accepted who I see in the mirror."

Morgan has been on a tear lately with drives to the hoop and solid defense. I got a feeling he might make New Mexico State pay on Friday night with the same kind of approach.

#1 and #2 ...

It's a tradition for the seniors to kiss the S in the middle of the floor during their last home game.

Raymar waving to the fans, walking off the Breslin court for the last time.

I love this one. Really pulls at the heartstrings. When Raymar walked off the court for the last time, he hugged Izzo and Izzo got all teared up. It was enough to make this girl shed a few tears!
All images from Matthew Mitchell

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