March 17, 2010

Words for Wednesday

Those Irish folks sure do have some nice blessings :)  A little something for St. Patty's Day...


  1. Kris, that is a beautiful Irish blessing. I, too, have any problems with my glasses. The lens split. It started off as a tiny split on both lens and grew to a crack half the size of my lens. The optical store where I bought them said that nutmeg or acetone would do that to lens. Right! I'm still waiting, 2 weeks later, to get my new lens. You should call where you got your glasses. Maybe they can help you. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful least until next week. Aunt Mary

  2. Thanks Aunt Mare! I did go to the glasses place yesterday and they cleaned them really well and gave me a special spray, so we'll see. Nutmeg could have done that to your lens?! What?! Crazy. I hope your new lens comes in soon!

  3. LOL - they said nutmeg could do that to your lens??!! What the heck?!


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