March 26, 2010

Gearing up for the fifth third river bank run!

It's that time of year, time to shed the winter layers...and no I'm not really talking about clothes. I'm talking about some extra uh...insulation I packed on from winter hibernation! Yikes, gotta get rid of that stuff!

Good thing the River Bank Run in Grand Rapids, Michigan is perfectly timed so you can train and run and sweat and by May 8th you'll (hopefully) be ready to run and ready for looking good in Summer clothes! Nice timing.

This race is definitely a GR tradition, this is it's 33rd year. More than 18,000 people are expected to compete in the 2010 event which features the largest 25K road race in the country and offers the only 25K wheelchair racing division in the world.

I've run the 5K race, (there is also 10K) since 2006. I had a nice three year streak going there and then I messed it up last year by at the last minute deciding I just wasn't going to be ready for it. But not this year! I'm determined to run it and get out of hibernation in the process.

Flashback: The '06 run with my smudgie/bff/cousin. Please note this is post-race, we were tired and maybe a little sweaty, OK! Man I wish I had the digital pic of us when we walked/ran the race in 2002 or so. Classic. (Kate, at least that one's safe in our scrapbook! Haha)

And I certainly won't pretend to be training for a marathon here, that's hard work for sure! But for my level the 5K is the perfect length! Just long enough that it won't be a walk in the park for me (far from it at this point!), but short enough that I won't kill myself doing it. Maybe in 2011 I'll train for the 10K....

I slacked this week on the running, but I'm going to have to pick it back up tomorrow! According to the countdown I've got 42 days and 17 hours left to prepare. I'll be keeping you updated on the progress!!


  1. Hey that is actually a cute pic of us!! And proof that I actually ran a 5k too! :) Wahoo! Love you!

  2. I think it's great to have a goal like that to train for - good luck! :)


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