July 29, 2010

Chicago Eats: Japonais

If you like sushi, I've got a great restaurant for you! Or even if you just like fancy cocktails, this place is good! Last month one of my friend's celebrated her last weekend of being a single lady by visiting us in Chicago for her bachelorette. My other friend did an awesome job of planning all the festivites. We began a night out by heading downtown to a sushi place on the river, Japonais.

Getting ready! Kristen, the bride-to-be is in the middle and the planner and maid of honor, Annie on the right. (A lot of these are Annie's pictures, thanks AO!) 

Before our table was ready, we headed down to the lounge for drinks. It is gorgeous down there and right on the river! I started with their signature cocktail, the floating Orchid. Delicious.

A shot of the lounge from their website...

And the drinks kept coming... We were having a great time and not paying attention to the clock, but apparently they were late seating us -- and offered to buy us all a round of drinks. More floating orchids please! The outside area was great and even if I wasn't going to eat here, I think it would be a nice place to come and have a few drinks.

We finally moved on to the dinner portion of the night and everything was delicious. We wanted to eat light since we knew we had a full night of going out (and looking cute in our outfits) ahead of us! The entrees here run around $20 but when you're just ordering sushi to share, prices are very reasonable!

The sushi bar

I would definitely recommend Japonais if you are looking for dinner or drinks in a really nice atmosphere. And don't forget to have a Floating Orchid...or two  :)

600 W Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610


  1. Great pictures - you girls all look so cute! I definitely want to check it out sometime when I am in Chi.

  2. I second all of that...had such a delicious, great time there!

  3. That lounge looks fab. The perfect place to spend a hot summer night!

  4. Two things. 1) you look so cute! 2) I want to eat there ASAP! :)

  5. Looks like you had fun!


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