July 1, 2010

laughing out loud

If you're experiencing anything like the week I've been having, you might need a good laugh. This should do the trick. I first heard of this site from Young House Love and literally was laughing out loud at my desk. Much, much better than that silent crying in your cube thing, not that I have ever done that.... :)

Take a peek at the site...Catalog Living

This Q-tip one gets me every time!! Oh dear....


  1. Seriously, these are hilarious Beege! I'm sure you'll feel much, much better when you see your see-ster tomorrow.

  2. I just found about this site yesterday, I was crying laughing. Too funny!

  3. so funny! love the q-tips. I think I might be able to use that many!!

  4. I was recently introduced to this site as well! Isn't it fabulous,haha :)

  5. ha! those are hilarious.

    do you need me to beat some people up for you?


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