July 13, 2010

city curb appeal

It was my big goal this year to get my condo building to buy new planters for out front. We were down to one rather cracked, old thing and I really wanted to spruce up the look of our front. You may remember me lusting after these planters here. You can also head over to Ballard and take a look at them.

Finally, I was able to order the planters back in April or so. They came in huge boxes and since it was way too early in the season to put them outside I had no choice but to store them in my living room. We really bonded during that time. It is kind of sad that these planters brought me so much excitement, but look at them, beautiful, right?!

And here they are in all their summer glory, planted in and loving every minute in front of the building. I was so giddy to get to the flower place and figure out what to plant in them! I did a somewhat classic looking mix of gernaiums, a spike in each pot for height and a nice, light green sweet potato vine and creeping jenny for some draping. I also added some of my favorite shade plants to the back, caladiums. I thought the white was a really nice contrast with all the green.

Here's a close up on the caladiums. With all the shade around here and on my back deck, I have really been loving these. I think the leaves are so cool and they come in a variety of color combos.

I planted these back in May (and am just now posting, oops). I will have to grab some shots of what they look like now. They have filled out really nicely and I think it definitely adds to the curb appeal of our building!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! you and your sis definitely have the secret touch when it comes to planters. they turn out wonderfully!

  2. They are lovely! I love the sweet potato vine too, but sometimes I find that they just get too big and kind of take over. I know there's a "mini" version, but I can't find it. Are you familiar with it?? LOVE your blog (and your sister's too)!! You've got to post more often :)). p.s. I'm only anonymous bc I haven't created a profile yet.

  3. Gorgeous flowers! You have quite the green thumb

  4. nice job ditta! when are you having that party at your place? ;)

  5. Great pics Beege! And they are definitely bigger and even more beautiful now!

    I'm with Liz - when is the Briar Summer Soiree 2010???

  6. I'm here from NFF. Gorgeous planters and flowers! Great choices.


  7. So beauty! Lovin' the curb appeal...I need you to come over here and fluff us up a little bit!


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