July 27, 2010

a little ditty on caladiums

I talked about Caladiums a few weeks ago when I blogged about my front planters. I found some really nice pictures online and thought I'd share a few. Caladiums are best suited for partial or full shade, which is why I've been liking them so much lately. I have a really shady deck, so its hard to find flowers for back there sometimes. Who needs actual flowers when you can have all the color and beauty in lush foliage!

If you're in the Chicago area, for next year's planting try Gethsemane for a large variety of caladiums. They are started by bulbs, so you can also purchase them that way from Home Depot. It's cheaper to buy them as bulbs, I did a container that way last year and they turned out great and were very quick to grow. I love the variety of color in the leaves. Plus, I'm a sucker for green and pink...

I've only used caladiums in pots so far and they've done quite well. Here are a few examples from around the web.

I think this is my favorite, just gorgeous (and huge)!

Next year I'd really like to try incorporating these in our shady backyard. They're an annual, so you'd have to plant each year, but they look awesome!

Anyone have any shade favorites they like to plant? Please share!


  1. Nice pictures Beege. I forgot to buy a caladium this year! When are you going to do a post on your deck?

  2. I love them, but our yard just gets too much sun!


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