July 19, 2010

Pure Michigan

I've been a little absent from the Blog lately - mostly because I've been enjoying Summer so much! And spending plenty of time back home in Michigan. I wanted to share a few pictures of my favorite beaches in West Michigan (taken by sister, of course). I've been going to the beaches in West Michigan since I was a baby, but the more time I spend in the city, the more it feels like an escape to head for the beaches in Michigan.

What's so nice about these beaches is they are a short 3 hour drive from Chicago. So if you're ever thinking of a mini-retreat from the city, head over to Grand Haven. They have tons of cute B&B's, it's just a great summer town perched right on Lake Michigan. What could be better?! And unlike the Chi side, the water is much warmer and you can catch a gorgeous sunset over the water.

Gorgeous Rosy Mound... Little Brother was happy as a lark playing with drift wood all day.

And a few more pictures my Sister took from Holland State Park, south of Grand Haven.

Ahh, little slice of paradise. When I'm sitting at the beach, with some sun, a good book and family, there's not much that's better.


  1. your brother (and his "skills") continues to be as adorable as ever! great pics :)

  2. Great memories Beege! There's nothing quite like Lake Michigan in the Summer!


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